Product Overview


Intern Placement Tracking was developed in close association with the Brigham Young University School of Social Work.  BYU has been effectively using Ipt for the last seven years in managing their BSW and MSW Field Placement Programs.  

"When I brought my personally developed hand-crank computerized placement lists from UNLV to my current much larger and more diversified field program, my lists just didn't work. And the clipboard and institutional history-in-the-mind systems that were in place here, really were unraveling under the data strain.

Alcea Software designed the IPT Program to meet all the items on my dream list and even suggested characteristics, like selected group co-mingling and automatic email, that I didn't believe were possible.

 I use the IPT program many times a day, as do the rest of our faculty, for more than just internships. We use it to track which students have been admitted to the BSW and MSW Programs (prior to admission to Field), to remind ourselves who specific students were and when they completed the program, and for many other purposes.

We use the program to keep track of Supervisors and Agency Contracts. We print labels for Supervisor Training Meetings. We print out student lists by agencies for the Field Faculty Liaisons.  The multiple report capability, alone, has saved me days of hunt-and-list time, including the demanding multifaceted CSWE reporting categories. Now I can't imagine being a Field Director without having IPT to assist me."  

Shirley E. Cox, DSW, LCSW
BYU School of Social Work


Intern Placement Tracking (IPT) easily organizes and "Tracks" essential fieldwork information, including:

Intern Placement Tracking includes the following features (and more):

All you need is internet access and a web browser to access your information.

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